Our Approach

Through our decades of experience, it has become abundantly clear to us that any business (no matter the size), family, or individual can benefit from the advice and guidance of a security professional. In many cases, the cost of retaining a full time security professional is not affordable so organizations leave themselves unprotected.
This is the concept that launched Forge Road Security Solutions. Our mission is to provide you with a high quality resource that can come in only when you need us.  We will quickly determine the exact nature of your problem, then provide you with solutions and the guidance to solve them without our services remaining an ongoing expense. Whether you want to protect your cherished loved ones or increase your bottom line, we should be your first call. We offer safety and security, not products.

Our Story

Meet The Team

Al Banthem

Al Banthem


Al began his career in security in 1982 when he joined the United States Air Force.  He served as a member of their security police and specialized in protection of priority resources, counter-terrorism, and guerrilla operations.  He was honorably discharged in 1986 at the rank of Staff Sergeant.  In 1987 he began working as the Special Police & Security Director for Mars Inc. in Baltimore, Maryland, providing general law enforcement and security services to a headquarters and 21 commercial and distribution locations throughout the state.  In this role, he was commissioned as a Special Police Officer by the Maryland State Police; he also supervised the activities of 22 plainclothes officers and uniformed Maryland Special Police and Security Patrol Officers.  As part of this supervision, he provided these officers with training in various disciplines, including investigation, interview techniques, patrol and arrest procedure, unarmed defense, combat pistol and small arms employment, surveillance, and court testimony.

At Mars, Inc. Al supervised all investigations into misdemeanor and felony crimes committed within his jurisdiction; he was also responsible for arresting, charging, and assisting with the prosecution of suspects associated with these crimes.  He specified, purchased, and supervised the integration of all security, safety, and surveillance equipment, using the principles of crime prevention through environmental design to guide his decisions.  He served as the Chair of the Mars, Inc. Safety Committee and their Emergency Management and Disaster Recovery Team.  He also provided executive protection services for visiting celebrities, dignitaries, and other high-risk people.  Al held his position at Mars Inc. through 2016 when the company ended their operations.

In his spare time, Al became heavily involved with Chesapeake Search Dogs (CHESARDA), an all-volunteer, non-profit K-9 search and rescue team serving the Chesapeake Bay Region and Southern Pennsylvania.  CHESARDA provides K-9 search and rescue, human remains detection, and water search services to a variety of law enforcement agencies.  Al is certified by the National Association for Search and Rescue as a Search and Rescue Technician II, a K-9 Search and Rescue Technician III, a Human Remains Detection K-9 Handler, and an Urban Search and Rescue First Responder & K-9 Handler.  He is also a certified Search Manager, advanced wilderness first aid provider, and has been qualified for swift water rescue by Baltimore County Fire Rescue.

As a member of CHESARDA, Al served as the Operations Director and a K-9 Handler for “Bear” from 2000-2007, the Deputy Executive Director from 2007-2008, and the Operations Director from 2008-2010.  His duties included day to day administrative and operations functions and training/evaluating a team of 40 volunteer members, including 11 operational K-9 search teams as well as support units.  He coordinated CHESARDA efforts with various federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies, including the Maryland and Pennsylvania State Police, the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, Anne Arundel County Police, Baltimore County Police, the Harford County Sheriff’s Office, Baltimore City Police Homicide Unit, and the Washington D.C. Metro Police.

Additionally, AL served on the Baltimore Metro Region Crime Stoppers Board of Directors from 2006-2007 and as their First Vice Chair from 2007-2008.  He is frequently called upon to provide expert testimony to the Maryland legislature on matters of security and law enforcement.  He successfully completed the MPCT Special Police Instructors course in 2014 and is a regular instructor for the Maryland State Police and Correctional Training Commissions community policing course.