How do I know you can help me with my issue?

Our initial consultation is always free, so you have nothing to lose by contacting us to discuss your situation.  We will meet with you at a location where you feel comfortable to get an overview of your needs.  During this consultation, we will ask questions to determine the assistance that you would most benefit from.  We will complete the consultation by providing you with an overview of our recommendations and general cost estimates.

How much do your services cost?

After the initial consultation if you wish to retain our services we will perform a risk assessment.  This is an in-depth analysis of your business, home, and/or situation.  We bill at a rate of $75 for our services.  Risk assessments generally take 5 to 16 hours to complete depending on the size of the business; individual and family risk assessments can take even less time.  No expenses will be incurred without your prior approval.  Rates for long term and ongoing contracts are negotiable.

What does a risk assessment include?

You will receive a written report detailing our assessment of your potential risk factors, the probability of each factor occurring, and the potential consequences associated with that factor.  A suggested course of correction or mitigation will be provided for each individual risk factor.  Our report will generally be given to you within one week of your risk assessment.  A free follow-up meeting to discuss our findings and answer any questions you may have is included with each risk assessment.  If we observe any eminent threats while completing our risk assessment, you will be notified of them immediately.

Can you provide any equipment we may need?

We do not sell any products or install any equipment as we believe it would be counterproductive to our goal of providing you with an independent, unbiased assessment of your needs and the necessary steps to mitigate any threat.  Upon your request, we can direct you to reputable vendors who we have worked with in the past; we are also happy to assist with vendor negotiations and to coordinate with vendors for product installations.

What kind of training do you provide?

We provide experienced instruction in a variety of areas such as security, safety, loss prevention, disaster preparedness, and personal defense.