Security for your business starts with the development of sound policy, procedure, and verification of compliance. In most cases, the considerable expenditure many businesses make on security provides little, if any. That $18, $20, or $25 you pay to a contract guard agency results in an $8, $10, or at best $12 an hour Guard being provided to you. They have minimal at best training and when there is a problem they will more likely prove more of a liability than an asset. We can help you negotiate for value in your security contracts and ensure that you continue to receive that value for the length of your contract.

Some people may ask: what about a proprietary security team, one in which the members of the team work directly for your business? There can be many advantages to having a proprietary security team. But you only reap those advantages when you can satisfactorily answer a few questions. First, who authored the security policies and procedures that govern your business? What were their qualifications and experience? Are those procedures realistic, up to date, and customized based on a thorough risk assessment of your particular business? Are your procedures correctly integrated with your security hardware? Cameras, barriers, and alarms can be powerful tools in your security program but only when they are properly integrated with the right procedures. We know from experience how to help you write the proper policy, integrate the right hardware, train your personnel, and audit your entire program. Once these steps have been completed, you can be sure you have done everything reasonable to protect your personnel, customers, and assets.

Loss Prevention for your business is not, as many think, just another way to say Security. The largest losses for business rarely come from traditional theft and when they do, Security staff will generally handle it. More likely it will take the form of things like equipment abuse or misuse, employee time theft, or counter-productive activities. It comes from not buying enough and disappointing your customers when they find your advertised or signature product out of stock. It looks like receivers who accept substandard products or short deliveries. It looks like unnecessarily damaged merchandise through mishandling or neglect. All of these issues and many more will eventually suck the profit potential out of a business. The best answer to this is a known loss program. Simply put, it allows you to identify, track, and correct the hidden costs to your business. We know how to establish, implement, and monitor a known loss program. We have done it and helped make businesses more profitable; one local retailer we recently worked with is now saving tens of thousands of dollars a month in loss. We can do the same for your business.